The blogger

Twenty this year and turning twenty-one in a few months time
I find blogging is interesting! A space for me to bullshit express my feelings, share my thoughts and jot down any special occasions, events, bonding session with friends!
You might think that blogging is a waste of time but for me, it's just not! At least, one day if my head go bald, my teeth all gone, wrinkles cover from head to toe, or even more serious, I have memory loss, show me this page and let me reminiscence oh-my-old-good-times!
I blog because I love to & part of it is for memories' sake! That's it! :)

Okay, have you thought of this ' Why you can't fly?'
You don't have wings my dear, as simple as that!
I think you should know why I put such blog URL.
Refer to the picture on the left, pretty clear?
W.C.Y.F is my full name ---> Wendy Chua Y_ _ _ F_ _ _
okay full stop! no more asking, promise?

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