Friday, June 5


Home, I'm here for 2 days already.
Everything's great here. ;)
my stomach has been fed with nice foods all the time.
trust me, you won't be starving here.
and if you wanna lose weight, Kt is not a recommended place :)
Know wads tht?
'Ka-pek-hu-sak' / chinese keropok rebus
My friends who are farfarawayfromhome, this is for you. :)
I know you miss them,oh Belacan!
The next,
With my look above, if I tell you I'm Sick, will you believe?
I don't care if you believeitnot.
trust me,
No lies. I caught a flu and sorethroat is killing me now.
I slept from 330-745, and It's gonna be another sleepless night.

I'm sneezing again, Is anybody out there missing me? Lols.
I know you people do, miss you guys too...
(you know who you are)

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