Tuesday, July 7

I mentioned that 'I'm gonna meet up v iyens' in the previous post.
Here it is. Update update update...

I was the earliest to arrive MIDVALLEY due to my hunger.
mund them replied :ok. will try to go earlier... padahal... ish ish..
cheryl and siang oso! useless.. arrived mv 150pm. 10 mins earlier...
FYI,we supposed to meet up at 2pm sharp!

oh ya, here to share the laughter :
CSiang : hey wher'e u!!!
(when they met, cs asked how.. eh WAD DOES IT MEAN...)
AYAM KAMBING Daun equals to I am coming down....
(lol, i thought he was eating nasi beriani or wat.. FUNNAYYYYY)

Brunch at Sushi ZANMAI
on the way walking to the gardens, we saw car exhibition....
cheryl and her ex.
woohoo.. this color I likey. cool..

taken japanese foods in zanmai till 355pm.
den rushed like mad to midvalley to catch up with the movie...
Watched Blood : The last vampire
For me, the movie sucks . 11bucks wasted! sial

After movie,
spent like half an hour or more in deciding the-next-station-to-go...
all of us so indecisive at first,
(they wanted go subang NEWAY sing-k, but I cant make it --> SNEE's fault :X )
last decision- go BANGSAR chill...
Devi's corner to makan dinner..
I suggested that place, cos much more cheaper if compared to Alexis...
Imagine mund and may on the Eclipse poster.
ming & baby yingeh heh.. U might be LUCKY and see this fella on plane(airasia) from 24th onwards.

Ok. After dinnerrrr...
so we decided to chill at...

ordered 4 jugs of TIGER...
the only potong one - Cheryllai.. :P :P :P

Air Jantan & I...
we're using same model of phone.
I like his color - RED,
likewise he likes mine - BLACK.

Efreet itu suka tangkap gambar.


the loser LOON...
( Hey, the cerong lanjut fella.... iam from AJ one ok ..:P)_

okay.. last pic.
Cheryl. Cherry or me?

I am now waiting for chu huan...
He just called saying that he still at serdang there. STUCK IN JAM...
we're going KLIA to send mic darling off....
Heng(one of MAYDAY's diehard fans)wants me mention her name here..
Yea, she's here with me now..
kacau me blogging...
Byeeee people

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