Thursday, October 8

This is a post specially dedicated for you you and you:D

I'm here to wish my fellow friends :
it's should be happy belated birthday instead due to the date of posting this.

5th October
leeming :)
I know you had a blast 20th in Ipoh wv sookyee them...
I wanna go Ipoh la wei.. sorry yee dear for being ffk-ed by me on Sept.

Unnnn Chua aka Lui's hubby. XD
Mission (go ichi tech with cake to gv surprise) ACCOMPLISHED!!!
and thx for the d-village dinner treat ...:*)

7th Oct

Chris 'ChiamSiLu(hokkien)'
clik clik clik...
how was d Langkap celebration...?
and one thing, where got ppl fon died during his special day one? Funnayy
and I was worried'wadhappentothisfella' as the bday msg sent to him keep on going FAILED.
sumo couldnt reach him.

happy birthday to you (leeming,un & clik)
from the bottom of my heart,
and may your good times multiply,
till they're flying off the chart!

With hearty wishes full of love,

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