Monday, January 4

Hey guys :)

Hey this photo looks familiar to you, no?

Sorry, I know it's kinda annoying to post it as status, like so frequent!
this is just the spirit of not giving up~!
in other words, we call it kiasu? lmao!

whatever it is,
it's over!
the voting is closed!
no more bugging people to do things like clicking LIKE,becoming a fan first blaaaa....

Hoorraay! when can we get the rm500 cash vouchers? can't wait! *jumping up and down*

Everyone who clicked the 'like' for us,
Thanks alot!!!
and for those who asked their friends and family to vote for us,
(you know who you are)
We love you!
with you guys, life is perfect, awesome!
I say it, I mean it!

lots of love,


Your Lucky No.