Wednesday, January 20

I'm Shocked!

        Hey I got something to share with you =)
Just now I clicked the left side of FB (PAGES)
I Scrolled down...
and look...!!!

I stunned for moments.
Hey, Wendy chua .????
Dat's me!!!
duh =.=

I totally forgotten I submit this entry before!
I scrolled down...
and now I remember!!!
The question by HolidayCity was:
What would be your dream vacation for 2010?

Gosh. So many people answered that,
and I can't believe I'm chosen as the winner.
you know, I think myself always have no luck : <

Well the sad thing is....
I don't think I have time to go Phuket, Thailand!

Anyone interested/going Phuket?
Contact me please.
I'm selling it (the 3D 2N hotel vouchers) for real cheap!

First Come First Serve Basis!
come deal with me regarding the price!

Be Fast!!! :)


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