Thursday, January 14

Steamboat Buffet, you'll just love it!

Hey guys...
Do you know the Shabu One is located in Lot10?
Shabu One serves steamboat buffet, so yea Eat All You Can! *winks*
and Fyi, it's newly-opened by Jogoya!
Click the picture for better enlargement,
only if your interested to know the price.
Taiwan Snacks?
yea, you'll get to eat that in Shabu1.
I'm sick of eating all these!
Wow! you see....
All these ready to get you bloated.
so be smart, go with empty stomach!
In shabu one,
I was like Hey, why all foods related to Taiwan one?
The sarcastic reply from either Sis/Mum Yea,why not? you're now still in Taiwan wert!
The soups/sauces all up to your own preference!
The Desserts' Lil Corner!
eg. pudding, grass jelly...
Squeeze Lemons on them...
too bad, I'm not a big fan of them.
Beef slices, squids....
apa-apa pun ada.
Tell me, which soup base will you choose?
on that day, we filled in the pot with Healthy Herbal Soup and Taiwan Special Chic Soup.
Miss Sexy Sis & I
The loving couple.
my parents! :)
And, here's a good news for STUDENT, just like me!
Cheaper and worth it!
go try it out!

btw, there's a promotion if you bring your buddies go eat out during your bday month!
to know more, you can ask me.
or call the person-in-charge of Shabu One! :)

What's next?
it might be either...
- Ice Skating Day Out
- Zhpy's surprise party
- p110 orientation (telematch day)
- Taiwan Day 3

Stay tuned!
See you^^

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  1. shabu one?
    i think i heard about it..
    but i went to Jogoya at Starhill b4, last year. the food is kinda stuff like shabu one. =D


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