Thursday, February 4

whatcha say

every girl's dream is to have flawless skin, and I'm just one of them.
I shall go to bed before 12am everyday, eat healthy meals, drink plenty of water, exercise more.
Stop crapping, I know I'm completely failed in achieving all these.

I just wrote this on FB:
Sometimes, Things Don't Turn Out How You Thought They Would... 

this is the exact feeling of mine, at this particular moment.
I have mixed feelings, which is hard to be written out.
why do humans sad/upset/down/tears... or whatever you call it when your not in good mood.
not in mood, and you can do nothing.
you dunno what's going on yet you just don't feel good.
everything's messed up and you feel so shitty.
I'm just not good enough, in everything!
 to draw a conclusion,  I'm complicated. don't hate meeee...

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