Wednesday, March 31

Love World, Love Sloggi!

Hey peeps, I would like to share with you a comic strip. My very first time creating such a comic strip, it was fun though! The comic is all about a gift given to Sandra, and let's make a guess!
what would you expect the gift would be for a cheerful, sporting and outgoing girl like her. Her mother has been cracking her head thinking 'What would be a great gift for Sandra', and hooray... she finally got an inspiration from Sloggi website! She is amazed by the striking new Spring 2010 collection from Sloggi!
'My daughter always expressed how great the world is, how much she loved the world, ohhey, so........what's better than Sloggi, the best gift!'

Hope you enjoy the comic kay!
Comic Creator: Yours truly(wendy)
Click to enlarge, for better view!

The comic ends with a happy scene 
'Mummy, you always know me the best! I love the gift, I love the world, I love you!'

Hey comic just ain't enough, are you requesting for more?
Good, I have another lame story to share, be my listener? PLEASE SAY YES!
There's a girl named Sandra living in Green town. She has an amazing, funny, adorable, intelligent, kind personality. She loves exploring nature while learning about plants, animals and the world’s delicate Eco-systems. Every time people talk about ‘global warming’ or some world-related issues, she seems to be really interested and get involved in the conversations. She just loves the world so much.

so far done my short introduction about Sandra. And wanna know more about her, to be specific, her love life? *winks*

She has a boyfriend named Roger who’s currently taking Sustainable Forest and Nature management(SUFONAMA) course in Stamford University. They have not met for 5months plus, and she missed him very much. One day, she received a gold-ribbon wrapped parcel from the boyfriend.
‘ohuhu…Get ready & please open it with a smile’
‘What would it be?’ She wondered and opened it carefully.
‘What!!! Sloggi bras and hipsters?’ She stared at them, stunned for few seconds.
Then, she read the short note attached.
‘Darling, I know you love the world so much! And you might be wondering Why give me Sloggi arghhh? FYI, they are all made of 90% Polyester(yarn material is produced from 100% recycled plastic bottles) and 10% Elastane. I bought these as they can offer great comfort and and a superb fit all-day long for you, and most importantly, I know you will definitely love’em because they help to save the environment!’ followed by ‘Together, Roger and Sandra love the world!’
 -------------------------------------------The end --------------------------------------------

 Awwww, so sweet of the boyfriend! What a pair of lovey-dovey couple!
You may find this story lame and not interesting, opssie.. Soree, I may not be good in story-narrating. Fine then, but what if I share my own real's not Sandra or whoever story about how/what they love about the world, just me. My story. I'd like to share with you 'Why I love the world so much' and 'What I love about the world'  *cheeky smile^^*

First of all,
'Why I love the world?'
so crappy,
I bet everyone loves the world, please raise your hands high up if you don't,BOO!
I love the world, because...
I'm living in it.
it gives me shelter
it's wonderful.
I love the whole world, and all its sights and sounds.
Wonderful world,
you're being nice to me,
you have given so many wonderful things to me,
Basically, I love every single thing of yours.
Starting from the wonderful sights I have seen,
I the crystal clear water
Ahead of me the calm, peaceful sea stretches out for as far as I can see.
I the beautiful sand and sea.
 I the sunshine, the sunflowers tickled by the bees.
 I the X'mas tree hung with lights and ornaments.
  I the big bridge
 Ithe cute innocent sheep,Mehhmekk.
to my wonderful life...
I have a sweet family,
lovely friends,
They are always there for me. 
tell me, what can I ask for more?
The greatest thing I've learned is just to love, and be loved in return.
I love the whole world, it's such a brilliant place, nuff said!

If you love the world like I do,
by just saying ' I love the world' ain't good enough.
Don'tcha know, Actions speak louder than world. 
how to prove/show yourto the world?
Brilliant, watch the video below!

Finished watching?
Point no. 7 in the video, Recycle and Use recycled products?
so yea, remember to recycle and use recycled products.
and here proudly presenting Sloggi to you. *roll the drums*
Sloggi is a brand new eco-friendly range where lingerie is made out of recycled material. 
With the wonders of technology, now you won’t have to compromise comfort and a perfect fit while saving the environment!
When you love the world, you just have to love Sloggi too!
for its creative-eco-friendly designed products...
Groovy, fun and ever-so-hip, the striking new Spring 2010 collection from sloggi that's inspired by passion for a cleaner planet is an eclectic assortment of colorful patterns, fashionable designs and ecologically-friendly fabrics, that offer great comfort and a superb fit for all-day, everyday wear.
So now, you can have a great comfort for all-day-long with Sloggi lingerie,
and at the meantime, you're showing your love to the world, because you support product which is made out of recycled-materials!
Double happiness, isn't it?

Besides that,
Are you craving for outrageously bold and flirtatiously fun designed briefs?
Concept briefs are the latest craze! Discover a new theme of your choice today Here!
Wow, Sloggi is amazing, there's no reason not to love SLOGGI! right right?

What the world needs now is your LOVE!
Check out the Sloggi website to grab the new Spring 2010 collection of lingerie.

I shall end this with what's on my mind now
' I love world, I love Sloggi!'

Xoxo! wish me luck :X

Lots of love,

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