Friday, May 14

Jen's 21st Birthday Bash

Can you see there are 21 mini cakes, 21 candles all lighten up, yea,
'Jen, you're 21 nao'

The celebration in Jogoya was great!
and it was supposed to be ALL-WHITE party
(Soh CS forgot to inform me, so I wore the odd GREEN zomgosh. =.=''')
all the girls ♥
from the left: Kaixin, Wendy, Jen, Choyin, Lijuin
Kai xin & I checking out the dessert corner. 
I was just posing over there, I didn't get any from that corner =P
Fondue is every girl's favorite, correct me if I 'm wrong.

Time for some krazeeee shots !!!
and no.... the party didn't end here, After-party was the bomb!
Skybar for 10 minutes (becos we couldn't get a table with nice view, thus we left)
Maison (Thursday, which is also the Ladies Night, woohoo, free entrance for us girls)
The DeeJay announced 'its Jen's 21st today, happy birthday' and everyone was like cheering for her. Gawd, it was super awesome!

The next day, which is the exact date of her birthday.
I went out with this girl, yea she spent the special day wv the twins and I, weee~~
Jen & I shopped like mad in the Chique boutique @ SS15 yet we never forgot to pamper ourselves with the dessert at Snowflake!
Shop shop shop, walk walk walk, talk talk talk, dessert... aww tht's so girls' thing, I like^^
Hope you had a memorable 21st with us.
so nice, after 2ml you'll be free from exams, uh-huh u can fly like a bird :P

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