Monday, December 6

the early Winter.

It was just the end of November, and you can see the snow, so I call it an early winter.
The early winter was kinda predictable, so yea I was prepared for this as I bought things like ear muffs, gloves etc etc beforehand.  
 due to the COLD COLD COLD weather condition, now I think I seriously need to hunt for more winter clothes and stuffs AGAIN. :/

=====some random shots by me====
I'm loving my baby Lumix:)

she is CRAZEE!
say HELLO to this fat and cacat-looking Snowman.
It's named 'wendy they kar yee?' by us Lol
my flatmates :)

the snow:
I love you every time when I receive an email saying that 'the lecture today has been canceled due to the adverse weather condition blaaablaaablaahhhh' I admit that I'm a LAZEE student hahahah
I hate you because you bring so much trouble to my life by making me to put on so many freaking layers gah! do you know that I look even fatter with those thick jackets on zomg.

White X'mas, anyone looking forward to it?
guess most of the people do, how about me? 
frankly, I'm not cos I don't really have a plan for it pffftttt :X 

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