Sunday, May 1


every night before I go to bed, I tell myself ' tomorrow will be a better day!' & 'I will make it a productive day!' ;
every day I wake up I surely have this evil wish: I wish... I can sleep for another 10 hours. I don't wanna get up! 
A quote saying 'There are no ugly girls, only lazy ones'
hahahahaha, I find this is very mean to me (only if you get me). :P
I doubt if you have seen any girl who slacks more than I do.
Come on! Wake up! Wake up!
Time is running short!
and waste too much time on those mini-tiny things.
sometimes, I wonder...
why can't the good things stay longer?
I'm afraid of changes, yet if you know me, you will define me as the one who can cope pretty well with changes. I just learn too well, living my life by moving forward.  
recently, I was kinda bothered by some silly stuffs. 
'will you forget me, my friend?
will we still be as close as now?
will distance bring us apart?'
somehow I know, it will have a slight impact.
 It totally makes sense to me that people go in and out of your life. 
I hate 'passer-by'. Once you have walked into my life, I expect that we will be friend, forever.
I hate the awkward situation like this : we used to be so close, but now we are like a complete stranger only hi-bye friends. 
I have experienced too much of this & got really enough of these shits. :(
Lastly, the sincere words deep in my heart - YOU MIGHT NOT KNOW HOW MUCH YOU ACTUALLY MEAN TO ME. 

to love and be loved, this is applicable in term of friendship. 
I love my friends, _________ just too much! "*)

x x

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