Monday, May 25


hey y'all.
and say harloww to Blogspot, I'm back! :)
Do you have any idea why I named the url whycantyoufly?
I guess you are blank.
Need hints?
hint #1 - Do this - Scream my FULL name out and loud right now.
Get it?
Or still get confused wats up v that.
I am real dissapointed if you still don't get it.

No point of wasting time,
The answer is simple and linked to my Full name.
Take note of the 4 capital letters.
W.C.Y.F! ! !
smackyou if you stil dono!

yah. this came across my mind out of nowhere.
and I quite likeit, then created this blog.

at first,
I was thinking of few,
(it sounds cute, but is taken )
(kerlei said this suits me as can feel d lanc tone,lol)
(I think better don't, sounds so vain)

afterall, I found that blogspot is the bestsite to share my words.

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