Monday, May 25

call me fussy ;(

FAILED to get myself an EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE yesterday.
Shit, which means I have to TAHAN and see the pop-up again and again,
"The memory space is virtually low" (smth like this lah)
(my laptop space is flooded with picture folderssss, I guess)
arhem. Due to my fussiness,I didn't buy it in the end.
My frens say me cerewet weh, yet they accompanied me to enquire shop by shop. :)
According to most IT experts,
Buffalo is top brand with Highest speed.
Thus, I only kept an eyes for 2 brands which are Buffalo & Western Digi.
1. I was dealing hard with the pricing,trying to search all around to get the cheapest as I could.
I found out that The PRICING STRATEGY for everyshop in LOW YAT is more or less the same. so I raised WHITE FLAG to get cheapest price.
2. It was all about the outlook's fault.
Buffalo is available in Black and White.
(I wanted to get the White one, but sial no more stock for 320gbs)
2nd option - WD brand
which is available in Black, Blue and Red
and, I will only get RED!
same ting happened, no more left for RED. CIS

Tht's why Wendy got home empty-handed. :(

The highlights:
1. Randell got his left ear pierced.
2. ShienNee and Iris went salon together for haircut.
3. I love the keychain from babe. Thankiuuu.. ;D

Its time off to bed.

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