Monday, May 25

I love today for no reason.

I woke late today,
terpaksa skipped lectures.
(I seldom skip lectures tho, tht true?)
Milo has freshen up my day.
I feeeeeel good throughout the day! ;D :D :D
Lab sessions in Sem4 are much more FUN if compared to the previous semesters ;) agree?

Let's See Wat We Have Prepared for today's LAB!
They are Salicylic Acid powders and Lanolin, each is weighed 10g.
extemporaneous preparation of 20 Sal.Acid 50% in Lanolin.
State it clearer, OINTMENT is prepared.
I took out my hp (haha, u knw why, don't you)
Then, they 'direct' me to take photos of them.
Vain vain vain.
Iris was ready to transfer the mixture into the amber jar.
while I was still halfway mixing by using my full strength.
Steph v her product.
I take my own sweet time.
Still got many hours remaining wert, why so kan cheong..
KhongHern was smiling actually, but its covered and you cant see.
sweet smile becos Steph was sitting right opposite of him! ;D
Die Die also wan to take pic.
Even without my face :C
It wont be nice loh.
Kh, wat have you done to the poor MOUTHPIECE!
Ejinq ;)
My benchmates all so effective and fast,(including me?)
always be the first group to leave MDL.
Get my bag, go home and off to Midvalley.

Why Midvalley today?
1. HongJayvian the blur girl left her purse at kh's place(tht's typical blurqueen) so Kh being nice and pass it to her there.
2. I wanted to buy External desperately, still Failed today.Sigh
3. MPH bookstore to get Oxford medical dictionary, and got it :D
4. Chris wanna get sumting for his Daddy, it's Uncle's bday today. happy bday to Chris's Daddy.
5. Last mins grocery shopping at Carrefour, spent $48.5
dad, creditcard usage for lessthan 2.5hours = rm98.5.aiseh.
I think I overspent again, I'm Broke!

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