Thursday, May 28


Guess watttt?
I overslept and skipped class again, only 1 lecture.
My alarm clocks are totally RUBBISH, ineffective to wake this lazypig owner.

I was surprised to receive
6 messages once I clicked on the phone.
3 main senders are Kh, Shiennee & Cheryl.
They were asking " why are u not here (lecture hall)? "
Steph and Iris tumpang cheryl's sms to show their concerns.
Iwas wondering- Are the text messages sent due to....
hmph..must be that day Kena from me cos neva text me regarding my absence during lecture hours.
who cares wat are the reasons, as long as I feel being loved and concerned. Love you guys too...

I had maggie for lunch.
Den was busy dealing v my laptop.
Got all my folders (esp picturessss) transfered.
den clicked Vaio Recovery Tool....
It took me like 45 mins or maybe more...
den installed kaspersky ori software...
And, my laptop is Fresh and Virus-Free now..
Was doing all that by my own,(only with a lil direction from Rudy).
Still, I'm proud of myself :P

After den,
" Housekeeping" came across my mind out of nowhere.
I moved the furniture here and there, cleaned and mopped the floor, only in my room.
To be honest, I spent like 9hours or more to do the cleaning, seriously!
Empty-stomached for 9 hours plus. really have forgotten about the dinner time.
Off to yamcha to re-energize and fill my stomach, and I feel really good.

My housemates were like "big cleaning uh-huh?" with their Unbelievable expression.:O
Yes, even myself can't imagine what I've done for today!
I shall tell my parents this, so I can hear them calling me ' good girl'. :DDD

It's 216am! I'm so energetic!

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