Friday, May 29

A day to be remembered ^>^''

Flashback : 27th May 2009
Had lunch at Fusion, Sri petaling.
Guess who were there?

This is the 'cute boy' appeared on my chatbox recently,
Who's he?
first of all,
Do you think he's cute?
I can close my eyes and say out the answer.
Obviously, He tak cute pun :P :P :P

We missed those old good days at Taylor's.
Especially G8.
Apparently, one-third of my G8-mates studying at IMU.
But we just hardly meet up.
How about the rest?
Harveen? Bavany? Jaspreet I & II...
Hope that they are doing good.

Rudy is one year younger than us.
Caught Acting CUTE.^,,*

too bad,
Cheryl had to leave earlier.
so left 3 of us. :)

Wendy and Rudy.
He used to call me CAT, bcos I'm real afraid of catsss....
He used to treat us Banana pies from McD, Im loving it...
and so and so.

We found that Rudy loves to 'Shake',
and he's still the same Rudy that we met 2 years ago.
Nothing much has changed,
He is still BuZiAi, as usual lah.

Only an hour for lunch,
rushed bak to uni for 'pharmacy practice workshop' den.
Class ended and I looked for him at PBL,
to check if he has done reformating my lappie.
My gawddd, basically He had done Nothing for 2 hours.
Mainly,not his fault also. I didn't transfer 'my everything' from laptop to External yet at the moment.No back-up folders, how to reformat?

" I haven't bought External la, how to transfer"
"when will you be getting it?"
"dunnooo, Sigh!"
" Let's go and buy now la"
"now? wat now? seriousSS?are you kidding me?"
"I'm serious."
" You wan go low yat to get anything huh?"
" Nothing. be your companion lah. Summore I'm craving for Krispy Kreme/Creme doughnuts, can get to eat 'em if I go with you guys :D"
" Wad do you think, k hern.?"
" I anything lah. I can get my external there oso"
" ok. ON!! gimme 10 mins go back change"


It's pretty convenient to take train to our destiny - Hang tuah.
No need transit or take the squeezy KTM!!!
Only pay 1.90 and you will get there in like less than 15 mins :D

IGNORE only.
and feel reluctant to cancel it off here.

Spot me holding one nice printed gift card. Can see?
Who re the ppl printed on the card?
Is Rudy tht guy, yes no?
How about the girl next to him?
I do not know.. Don't ask me :P

Rudy loves showing off his dimple.
Ya, picture taken to prove that we have dimples as well. No?
laugh out loud.

See. as wat you have been told.
Show off his dimple all the time.

" yes miss, this brand is top selling in Japan, the price is affordable!"
" hmph, let me consider first lahhh"

Once we reached hangtuah,
we were heading straight to low yat plaza.
And we bought 'Wat we want' in 2 hours.
Den, we walked to times to feed him doughnuts.
But, guess wat?
" You guys not yet taken dinner rite, jom take dinner here baru balik"
and instead of going to times, He suggested Jalan Alur for foods.
We were like, oh oh okk.. haha. nodded head!

Dried Mee-suah with a bowl of pork 'internal' soup.
Had that for my dinner.

He was sitting there watching us eat only.
As he has promised his mum to be back for dinner.

Khern with his spicy pan mee.

This is so commonly called " oh-Jiam"
fried oyster. nicee..
We got there by train, and same for the return trip.
I shall share you sumting, um can it be said as Tragedy / Comedy?
Impatient teens like us hate to wait for next train,
Thus, We were like DIE DIE oso wan get into This Train.
Well, Kh and I managed to get into d train before the Warning signals blinked.
Another He was like walking so slow,
When we were alerted by the signals,
We pulled Rudy in, reflex response I guess.
We don't want him to be isolated.
And we succeed by getting his body in,
Ya, His BODY only.
The plastic bag which he was holding tersepit between the gap of the doors.
And worst thing was, the doors were closed.

At the moment,
I had Adrenaline Rush, near to Heart Attack.
All my belongings were in the 'unlucky' plastic bag!!!
*you will know later what are the things in plastic bag*
I just can't smile, even It's damn funny to see plastic bag tersepit,
FYI, 60% of ppl around laughed like nobody's business.
I was thinking, how? What shud I do if they just gone like that?
all my valuable items!
~fingers crossed~

The doors were opened for the next station,
I was like, Pheeewww ...
so happy to get 'em back by my side.

And, this is the Minnie I bought for my sis for no reason.
She loves minnie mouse wert...
Minnie : Gimme a hug!

These are things that NEARLY GONE!
my new bought Buffalo External, cute Kingmax pendrive and my purse and camera as well.
pls don't leave your owner anymore, she really needs and loves you all.

kita bertiga bought the same Cutie.
Mine is pink in color whereas theirs in White.

Goodnight, everyone :D

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