Friday, June 12

Another day at hometown...:P

Today I'm awake without the snoozing of alarms. *claps*
When I rubbed my eyes and looked at the clock (1035am)..
Eyes rubbed twice to double-confirm It's 1035! So earlyyy weh, at least this is the earliest waking-time of the week.
The lazy bum washed-up and then lied on the sofa with the laptop on lap.
Facebook/ Barn buddy (I've stolen so many crops, in better say, only help out to harvest)/ Astro
Yes. I'am a MULTI-Tasker :P
arnd 2+, Aunty came and they dragged me out for TEA-time!
Evil them wanna feed me till I be a FattyBomBom!
Look at my unmanaged curls!
Euww.. I didn't apply moose for n days.
Too lazy to style it.

Eevon & Riri came over my house after my tea-time.

Mum picked 'em up, I don't DRIVE without my mini myvi.

And, due to their 4/4.5 hours spent in my house,





Basically, THIS is our efforts for so many hours.
"My Iyens - my rainbow"
Havealook , as if you have the permission to read! xD
No DontGiveMeThatLook, =.= we aint tht ineffective to only create 1item above.
We actually did some other thing but not to reveal it here .:X teehee..
(count the imaginary sheeeps if you coudn't fall into sleep, hope tht it works.)

HHHoooooray, Its FRIDAY...

Do you knw its the day I love the most...

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