Tuesday, June 9

Today . . .

0001 - 0035 : D'village with the gurls
(aww.. squids goreng & frenchfries = NICE = Ordertwice)

0045- 0135 : Blog-hopping and FB.
(The plan: Stayover at my house. Pillowtalk. Gossips.)

0140 - 02xx: HolyShit. 'Electricity Breakdown'
(instead of "sauna''ing in myroom, MOVED to livingroom for better air ventilation)

02xx - 02xx: Daddy.Mummy.Andy came down and "KFC/ roti canai - tag along?"
They left us home and went for KFC! 'Semangatnya!"

03xx : BehTahan! wat came across my mind was KFCcheesywedges*

03xx : Takjadimakan (none of them want to eat except me, I chose not to eat!)
Next Station : Eying's HOUSE

03xx-0600 : Heng - the useless one who fell asleep NO.1 (as usual?)
Followed by Lui, Ying....
hpmh, I was the 4th... (arnd 515am)
The winners go to Riri and Eevon (wooseh, Kepo stalkers!)

0600 - 0700: Ying picked up Jack & Minton
We met at "SmallBun'' for BREAKFAST
( My head was bit spinning and wholebody like floating! - at the beginning only,
Harlow, Catnap for like 45mins only k!)

0710 : Reached home. Facebook. Dreamlandzzz!

And, when I woke up, it's already 4 something. Lol! Halfday Gone!

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