Sunday, June 7

Attended two Kenduri(s) in a day :Q

I woke at 12 today. Consider EARLY ady^^
Daddy dragged me to Kenduri.
06/06/09 - a molek date for majlis perkahwinan to be held, as my dad received 3 invitation cards.
I had this for my brunch.
Yummayyyy, Beeeef is nice,I can't resist the temptation :)
The 2nd Kenduri - I EAT AGAIN!
Apparently, same nasi and LAUK kan!
got BEEF, Chicken, Ikan masin, Belacan!
It's a gift given by the Father to his son & daughter-in-law!
Wow... How I wish I receive a minicooper in RED as gift on my wedding!
Wendy - STOPDREAMING! wahaha
The Pengantin Baru tangkap Gambar under the hot sun.
All these were given to Us sebagai tanda penghargaan.
We didn't go for the 3rd Kenduri as it's located far far away, SETIU ok!

Nah told you, my stomach is well-pampered at hometown.
FATFATFAT. don't carelah!
Just got home. Yamcha with darlingssssss just now!!!
Fb-ing now :D

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