Monday, June 8

the 16th post :DDD

The Narcissist loves to camwhore & leavepplbehind.
It was SUNNY sunday *0*
and as usual, the piggirl woke near to 2pm
This only happens when she sleeps in her kt bed. OK!

After she took her shower and went down, familiar faces appeared right in front.

" Eh, sleeplah. Still early wert. isn't it good to wake at dinner time'' by Mum (Sarcastic hor :D no she just get used to it and not Angry k)

'' wendy daxiaojie, we've been waiting for you here for 5hours ed loh! you later need to buy us hi-tea liao!" by aunt

my Granny (Rachel)
she requested to take pic with me wan hor :P
The youngest Aunty - April
they very kacau hor, I was busy camwhoring and they want me take v 'em oso. Lol.s

We went places like:
1. Clinic Lee (and my house got 1 poor o.k.u now. youmaycum2visit him!)
2. kemaman coffeeshop
3. astaka
Ihad japanesefoods for dina.
Went clinic to get Coughmeds(not syrup,I hate!).
No yumcha yester9- Sick and rest :D

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