Thursday, June 4

Help me deliver this post to Melbourne :>

His birthday falls on 2nd June!
My friend is edible, UDANG!
lols. k;lah
Real Name : Low Ming Hui
Status : Engaged? married?
A lame guy who never fail to make us laugh.
Us, 'imissu' miss you lah.
Ofcourse, I miss Taylor's ADP library, miss 'TEOW' for dinner, miss those old good days spent with I.m.u, like seriously!
Speaking of udang, 1 word enuf to say,
OVER-REACTED most of the time.
~His face expression -> funnay!
I couldn't find a pic of Udang and I.
searching around, and I found the pic above.
From left, Jaric . Cheryl. Me and the yongsui one = UDANG xD
I've sent u a text which is lengthed 2 pages long, but I assume it didn't reach you as No reply returned,
so HERE I AM to wish ya
Happy Burrrfday,
guess tht you had a tremendous bday celebration with friends over there.
smile ^.^

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