Wednesday, June 3

We got a VIP room in Chili's, Midvalley :D

Show you few pictures,and you'll definitely hv ya...


Update you: ChoonWee is Fiona's sweetheart, If you don't know tht.

Wow! We watched that LIVE!

The love birds.
awww.dats sweet - wearing couple-tees

Her Bf manja manja v her. LOLs

ok. enuf pics of the couple. =}

Wendy and this gal. We share share ordered 1 burger plus a bowl of Chili's soup//
Me.Iris.Cheryl shared the bottomless Soft-drink.

den 10ppl or more shared the Chips. Eat chips as much as u can -Refillable. why wan rugi?

Feed me with foods all the time.
I love....
Unlimited supply of Fishballs.
So kewttt, don't they?
Can draw out a Triangle shape weh.
Me likes this ^V^
Part of the i.miss.u and Cw (nana's future husband!)
one-third of people in tis pic/
I feel WARM!

Scroll down
Wash your eyes / Wear ur specs if you feel like doing so...
Be prepared for ''the Before and After''.

3 top loving couples in my batch.
How about AFTER?

Kissieee kissie KISSES..
make me thinks of Hershey's Kisses rite now!
Shout : We WANT more!
too bad, the other kissie pics not as nice as the one Above. so I decided only to post up the NICEST!
I found that Kunyang is Shy only when he is requested to take pic with sookyee.
Can anyone tell me why?
ha ha haops. guess whose butt was tht?
wong e'jinq punya!

Camwhoring session PAUSED!
It was pressie-opening Session!
"treasure hunt', and he was asked to seek for his 1st pressie~
omg, I will laugh at him if He couldnt find it.
I think even a 3 year-old kid can actually spot the Obvious 'object' on the top!
He found it in like less than 1.5mins / less den dat!
He mightbe wondering at tht moment -"hmm..wads it inside the PRIMAVERA box"
Ya. Now i tel you, the box contained ..
A casual tee and sexy lips printed underwear from
THat was the pressie given.
From people above plus wh- the absent!

Oh no. Wad were they doing.
Was fiona sniffing or wat?
a bit obscene

How about Brothers team and the rest? ? ?
wanna know wat they got him for present?

A plain Adidas sling bag.
Simple yet nice!
The lucky bday boy with all flowers.

are you wondering " wat did fiona get him as present?"

Handmade Calendars!

we weren't allowed to read those notes on it,she said it's P & C.

haha. Fine den.

After the settlement of Billing, waved goodbyes to the others and Headed to parking zone. hafway walking, took few pics.

Here comes the end of this post!

30% of P108 attended The beloved Batch Representative's Bday Celebration.

Count the heads if you still hesitating, 29/30 ppl in total.

"choonwee, Hope you had a great and memorable 22nd :P"



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