Wednesday, June 24

His 19th falls on papa's day, this year :)

can you make a guess
who's he?
Wow. Feel like eating this dessert?
Where can ya get this?
It's BUBBA GUMP Rest. & Market!!!
Have you visited this place?
If no, why not have a visit NOW!!!
At first, we planned to go The Curve for BUBBA,
But plan had changed once I got to know there's one in Pyramid!!!
Dat's ME & He!!!
now you know who's He already lo! hee

Fish & chips & the dessert PLUS ShienNee & Riri =D
They filled up their stomach before that,
thus only Dessert NOT main course...

We blind-folded the birthday boy while waiting for the arrival of Fiona & KH...
poor boy!
it seems like a tradition that birthday kid being fooled =D
This restaurant waiters/waitresses ALL squeeze their time to SING BDAY SONG for him...
being directed to STAND ON THE CHAIR
Two mini cakes for him from ZEN!!!

eyyy NO , WISHES more appropriate to be used!
Everyone has more than 1 wish, yes you do rite?
The ANG ANG bday boy & US...
Eevon & Riri very glad to celebrate His BIG DAY. and it was the day they first met. :)
Feed me Feed me.
The cake fed by this leng lui melted his heart, Definitely weii..
Nana & Yizhe :) ^^
Von Zhe Ri...
Glad to know each other.
Yizhe and his batchmates, Us.
a bit pathetic ryte so few of us only, PUT THE BLAME ON BIOPHARMACY CLASS TEST lah!!!
orelse the celebration will have more more moreeee people!
nevermind Yizhe, I guess US enough to brighten ur BIG DAY Rite!>?@ hehe
Same Kampung Halaman - Kay tea!!!
romantic scene?
Me loves this...
In love with her?!
but she... in love with someone :)
FIVE gurlsssss
They went to toilet and suddenly a knock can be heard.
They asked us to take pic for them from inside.
Me joined in! =B
"Run Forest Run'' - Put this on if you do not need the waiter/waitress...
On the contrary, If you need their (waiters') assistance,
FLIP to this RED SIGN and they will come to you
Group pic #1
'you are so special today, Yizhe'
made us cant stop looking at you *SMILES*
All of us so kewt and adorable. no?

After that,
We ffk-ed fiona them for Tongsui at TongChiDao.
but we went...........
Bangsar MCDonald's
becos of Him
can you feel ur importance?
Scream:long time no see, JACK!!!
They was so busy surfing the net...

Three of McD, bangsar

I had a Great & Fantastic weekend, wad abt you?

Yizhe : Hope you did enjoy your 19th, have a great year ahead. You know how much I care for you, friend :*)

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