Tuesday, June 23

cute little boy

Minutes ago, I was going down to grab a packet of milk.
(No. I dislike milk. Its for mask purpose)

After gotten the milk, of course heading home!
I managed to catch the lift as someone was holding the 'open' button.
Guess who's the one? ? ?
A little boy. At the age of 6/7,
who is in uniform.(guess he just back from kindergarten?)

and he smiled to me and said:
"I feel glad to tahan the lift for this Leng lui."
I did nothing except smiling back. :)
I dunno why, he can actually holds the "open'' button by himself, instead, he asked for my help.
' Lenglui, can you please press '6' for me.'
den he continued : 'Why haven't we met before, what's ur name?"
I smiled again, and the lift opened at 6th!
He went out the lift,
and the doors closing
He shouted: :Lenglui, hope to meet you again. Be careful k!

ohmygod, in the way he spoken to me, I found this lil cute thing so matured
(halo, a kid asked me to be careful hoiii, so caring!!!)
he's really cute and good-looking.

*He spoke to me all in Cantonese! :X '
hope to see ya agen, cute little boy!

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