Sunday, June 28

'Imissyou' is Back!

It was Teow's Birthday...last Thursday!
I'm on the phone now,Lazy for the words.
Catch up with my captions yah! :*)

hey. Not my birthday oso :( Teow & I
I used to call him Teow due to some 'kueyteow' story?! I can't reli rmb
The noob Jaric aka TEOW holding the cheese cake.
Huhu. . . Teow!!! How lucky you;re lah..
'We have reserved the whole restaurant for uuu'
The view = Awesome
Can see sunway lagoon wan weeeh!
and also the Sunwaylagoon Hotel...
We took numerous pics before the arrival of CHERYLAI!!!
pose pose pose
They are actually GAY. Believe me not!
The birthday boy pose with different gals
Look at the pic on the RHS. so obscene weh :X
Hey. I'm not Dorine la. ~Slap ur face. WAKE UP x10!
OhAmGee. Why is he playing with his tongue.

*SORRY this pic somehow gone disappeared*
evryone pls look at Teow''
I said : c'mmon ppl..Just Imagine dat he's a SUPERSTAR..kay!

so loving :DDD
the waitress's job is to take pictures for us only!!!
kan we reserve the whole restaurant. haha
Kh and wendy
hey, P.Pic ok!(you knw wat I mean wan XD)
Hey, Caught you putting ur itchy hands on his shoulder.
YOU're so so DEAD, CHERYL!
Ah-pek soon...
I miss ur kapehusak la!

Ohya, The restaurant is named FIG & OLIVE,
which is located at sunway pyramid yah! :)

"wads d plan after this?"
" I wan go park la'' - since the bday boy insisted to go Park,

This park is pretty near to CHS (catholic high skul).
Finally I got the chance to see this skul after n years. yipee
the shot of the lake.
credit to wendy, ME!
HEYYOUUU - UDANG is back in Msia from AUS...
wow. Bergaya-nyaaah!
Nice one!
The passer-by became the Sui-yu to take group pic for us.
sumo, we complained that he dunno how to take pic. alamak!
geohsoon. wadtheheckareudoingla! LOL
Kick him, HARDER pls.. EVIL lil couple bullying the INDONESIA maid! this.
so retarded tho.
arhem..He piggyback her weh :O
Cheryl and Focus Soo Tot.

and last but not least,
Say cheese, say "imissu'' rawks! *roar*

After tht,
Yamcha nearby the park.
Asoon said : ''Hey. I sacrificed alot for Jaric lah. I supposed to go back at 10pm to study one weh. but now look it's 12+ and Imhere v u guysss''. Lol..
As usual, the bad influence ppl : harlowww. stil got 3 days for u to study la. Relax-lu!

Reached Bj arnd 140++
Next session yamcha,
with yee & clik!
at McD' *I'mlovingit' - sungai besi!

Blek... both of us act cute ^^

I shall end this post with....
^ The highlight^
Aww.. so sweet!
& found dat kerlei's missing.
Whe're u darling?!! OIIIkkk *scream across the sea*

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