Monday, June 29

It's a good TRY, REALLY!

Guess wadddddddd!!!
Babe Von just chopped her long hair off this afternoon!.!.!
Unbelievable ~

once I received her sms, I was like stunned for few seconds,
rubbed my eyes twice and read the text.
She wrote: I just cut my hair shorrttt....
~hor.. duno who huh.. week ago, I kept asking her go for short bob hair.
She was like: yer.canot la.. I think not suit me.. rite rite?
what u said before was so wrong.

Short hair suits you leh! no kidding

Von looks real good in short hair, agree v me?

So cute la ( below)
wendy : hey. webcam on now now!
eevon : oh no Im scared
Wendy : I duno y Im nervous oso.. Faster cnat wait to see u in short hair
eevon : hey. I reli sked la.duno y.
wendy : lol . y u sked. Im nt the guy u like oso.. be fast. ON WEBCAM now~

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