Friday, June 19

mylove is back~!

This was supposed to be UP days ago.

ShienNee is back. Picked her up at SriPet. station

and waiting for the rest in the car.
Lunch Lunch Lunch

omg. 7 ppl squeeze-queezy in the car.
Can u imagineee tht?

Back to UNI for Cal session after dat.
Weekiat started off 'camera-time'..
and the followers... Us

Say Helo to genyuan :)

I was moving around in Elab. And left my cammie unattended on the table.
As a result, they camwhored. Yes. WITHOUT me! gurghhh...
guess they just love mycam too much.

***I donot know why I cant type anything just right below this. so here's the end.
Gotta go ~Out for dinner =D

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