Tuesday, June 23

shopping spree ON, wuhualala..

It was Friday!
as I mentioned before, Ri and Von arrived on Thursday.

we had pillow-talk till 5++ night before.
and damn, I woke automatically at 8+am.
guess I was kinda worried of Ri's Uni-entering result.

She has successfully been offered to Utm, Johor.
(I know it was not ur prior choice, but at least its not dat bad k?)

Hui came all the way from NILAI to go SHOPPING v us! :)
"Shop till you Drop'' uh-huh.girls' nature!
BANGSAR is the destiny.

Stuck in jam (the route from MV- Bangsar Village)
Legs doing "accelerate-and-brake" job while the hand holding the camera.
Not bad huh x.x

can't bear with the starvation.
headed straight to the "Nasi Beriani'' restaurant once got the car parked!!!

"Nasi Beriani'' in Bangsar is like a must, meybe for me!

heard from Fiona bout the threading service in Bangsar,
texted nana to know the exact location of the shop and brought babes there as they wanted to trim eyebrows.
since we were there, might as well try out the ''Threading'' service lo!

Believe me, It was freaking pain.
I've tried that before lah, whole face timmm..

only Hui and Von babes paid for the service.
The others were watching only.

Next on,
I prefer Boutiques than mall for shopping :)
Hui babe and Dee in the fitting room.
Von bought that blue floral-printed dress. Its realli nice, esp for a skinny person like her.
I was putting on doubts to GET-THIS-Home not!
I asked the gurls,
They replied "WHY NOT!!!"

I simply love this shot. :D
Snee was checking out HOT AH-MOHs in the magazine. LOL
while waiting for them (they were trying few outfits),
it was the best time to cam whore. RITE!

kinda blur. Caught 2 gals camwhoring!
Say hello to Riri!
oh no. This seems abit wrong,
''I'm straight until canot bend k'' - you might have heard that for thousand times if you always with me!
So sorry, Snee. wendy is not available for u! LOL.
just kidding
Time to PAMPER our feets..
Tea-Time! everyone needs a drink desperately!

another boutique, I'm in love with every cameras.
Just that the camera above is unable to capture. wahah..
She merempuh masuk my fitting room, scare me!
(actually I'm the one who loves to do so)

Around 730pm, texted Hengdear who just finished her Last paper.
And Off to
MIDVALLEY for movie...
All of us wanted to watch 17again so much, but ended up watching
Hannah Montana.
(put the blame on SNEE, xD)
It's indeed a nice movie! and made me love 'THE CLIMB'' ,
yes cheryl You're right!

This is ''Eevon of the day"

All of us spent above $100, exception to miss SN.
uhuhuuh.. WE LOVE IT!

Yesh, I love them, and so do they :)))
all thanks to mini tripod of mine,
We got this Awesome group picture!

More to come(all abt my weekend)

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