Wednesday, June 3

Say YES to weekends

a lil update before I go to bed.
I love weekends, I guess everyone loves as well.
Can see how happy she is when she noes shes gonna meet up few of 'em?
Had brunch v sis and her bf at Amansuria.
Had dina at Yuen's,sunway.
I guess Yuen's is Zaihu's fav place,
thus 'buffet steamboat' v iyens, like most of the time?

After makan, off to Cineleisure.
Sorry mic, next time MV nah? :)
gambateh in ur exams :D
They wanted to watch Transformer, which is so not my type of movie.
But ran out of tickets for earlier showtime.
Seats left only for the 1145pm.
"bo Jadi movie''
Plan changed,
''SS2- ka-la-o-kay''
(lui and un not tagging along, they needa rest as they traveling bk Kt the next morning :< )
Reached Ss2 at abt 11.
Ming is more skillful than siang in driving,
we reached ter like 15mins earlier than whole passengers in his car,
best proof, no? :P
Iyen's inter-relationships
(no, not gengyeng for sure!)
'The best Ex-couple' award goes to them.
*clap clap*
AiRen, they call each other tht.
not gay,don't worry.
Oh my, Ter-upload this.
and This pic is nothing to do v the subtitle- "inter-r/ship''

I said - you're "N.O.O.B = Noob''
He replied - I'm ''B.o.o.n'' not Noob
but I still think tht,
/Boon is Noob/, agree v this statement?
Z.h.p.y stands for Zui hao peng you.
and many ppl got red-eyes and tried so hard to put fire on us.
No worries, our friendship is even stronger than the pillar, right zhpy?

And self-timer for Group picha.
yoo. Me likes this :B (toothy smile)

the next morning.
I was supposed to wake at 8 for breakfast v sis.
All Cheryl's fault, she will know it most well why I said so.

No breakfast la, as when I woke up in her bed, eyes-rubbed - It was 1230pm ed!
" you have 5 missed calls and 3 messages"
Went signaturekitchen (sis purchased kitch.cabinet),
OneU (bought that so-notmystyle+ugly-leather-covered-shoes for Prac.Dispensing Class Test *and I flunk tht test,sigh.Accordingly, most of the people dint do well oso.)
Dinner at 'Fatty Crabs', which is located at Taman Megah.
Chic wings.
not as nice as expected.
Fried rice and the Signature dish!
rate it,7/10
shit, I feel like going Kuala Selangor for seafoods. anyone?
I never been there before.
but heard is nice.
I wanna go!

*I'm now typing with my eyes half-closed,. *

Sugardreams, everyone!

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