Saturday, May 30

Awesome Friday

Loha :/
I'm now at my sis's place.
I wonder, why the internet speed using my IZZI broadband is like 10x faster here than in vista!
No kidding.
Back to topic.
took gazillion pictures on that day.
You will know why by catching the pictures and captions below.
What will you mostly do in the lecture hall?
Wanna know wat my frens and I do?
Scrollllllll down...
Spot the talkative friends?
The couple wannabe?
I knw wat she's gonna say next : "Unless I turn blind."
camera-lovers versus Nerd?
and, tht's Lee Ming.^^
sweet couple in p108.
How about them?
game-addicts versus poser?
1245pm - Lunch Break.
Craving for Bak Kut Teh?
and not ss15 tis time.
We wanna try out new place.
and JLN IPOH, jom!
feed her with "FU ZOKS" sheloves'em.
Zoom in BAKKUTTEH in claypot.
What if i were asked to compare this and ss15 one,
BKTEH is not my super fav.
perhaps leave this question to cheryl, kh or whoever?
Split 14 friends into 3 tables :<
We wore White and BLack coincidentally.
Picture picture picture is like a must.
Actually, we cheated on someone.
It's well-planned to wear this color combination attire.
haha.. for the sake of making you look outstanding in picture?
please dnt get angry at any of us yah.
Me camwhored, a little while being Stucked in the car for like 20 mins.
And, they did the same as well/ :
Fast-forward to ...
7++ pm
White lies,all for your own good.
Thts so called SURPRISE!
Not to tell you Draggy storyline for the surprise.
When he got there,
He was like "hey, What've been up here, why all of you here?"
unexpected and SHOCKED!
Why is he pointing the finger towards her?
Duno :P
Felt sorry to abandon the main character as he was sitting quite steps away, and we just cant stop saying No to camera.
I ordered BlackPepper Chicken.
High-rated in d menu, neither special nor super delicious tho.
Yizhe posing with his main course.
IRis and Ejinq.
Guess wat,
it might shock you but in fact
she wore Skirt thatday.
next time miniskirt yah gal:P
we bumped into the love birds in the Restaurant.
zhi & whelan
The restaurant is named Star Village and located in Oug.
Group pichaaaa timeee.
Look at him,
'Low Wai Hong, Happieee Bday in advance'
SookYee :D
We love her posing in this way.
Cute and SexC.
~ Ejinq and shiennee~
the candlelight effect damn cun.
Kakak and Abang.
THey look matched, aren't they?
Sumo their names end with "ris'
this reminds me of singing 'the gay song'.
How blissful with all gals around.
The Night Is Still young,
we decided to go for Next Station after den.
Circle (oug) was the first option, but too bad it was closed.
And ended up Yamcha in Leo's!
Steph - the center of attraction for that day.
Copy Shiennee's pose. Cool kan?
This is the Bithday Boy of the day.
Overthink will make you look older lah, take my words!
Think less, and you will live happier.
Playing with my bangle.
Eh. I can do tht, is that amazeD?
uh-huh,yi zhe and yee, who knows if one day you two work out "chemistry"?
I think no need to mention their names bah..
Many pics soon be uploaded on Fb,
And We 'LIKE' few candid pictures.
For more pictures,
Be patient,
Check out Facebook Highlights in maybe 2days or less than that!Sookyee, your job :P

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