Wednesday, July 1


Ya, Im currently listening to this song
"I miss college"
and the singer = unknown.

Out of boredom,
I have this idea to dig out pictures and create this post ..

Be prepared to see all those old memorable pictures and a so-different-me.
Most of the pics below taken on year 2007.
[I miss college like crazy :< , the happening people, the days... & alot more...]

my face is getting rounder. yea. u need not tell me this.

Harveeenn.. I miss your sweet voice and
the way you touchmybody and call me sexy.
likewise, I call her sexy/pretty with my teh voice.
cheryl always NOEYES to see us!
wat can I say here?
true wert. endless cycle of ups and downs

the first group of people I met in subang...

the Black'ies G8!
at first I really hate my class so much due to some reasons,
but in the end I found myself actually OKAY with it,
and love many of 'em.

Outing with cheryl's friends at pyramid.

had drinks at station one.
Elaine and I love that place so much, almost 'pom-chan' every single night.

Asia Club is the place where I used to WATCH cyn and friends play pool and foos.
a nice place to sms and fall asleep tho.

weiliong aka da shao ye,
Im not da xiao jie la :P

always on my mind.

Snow World - remember this?
the moment we get to know each other astep closer.

Kay Tea people.

E-thing and I.
my neighbour ever since I shifted out from my place apartment.

fiona punya unmanaged LONG hair.

Short skirtor pant or whatsoever you like, it's allowed in college.
speaking of, IMU? sad sial.

one of the Jaspreets plus ALVIN (super BZA class rep)..

a visit to IKEA..
how scandalous :P

still remember the 'wild-side' to spam someone's chatbox?
you know I know.

pangkor trip was indeed fun.

pizzahut to celebrate Mr.Tsung's bday?

good girl gone bad?
had nose piercing before.
and my nose studs always gone missing!

amkay. still remember this?

quick snapshot .

Yeah . can't believe what you have seen above?
a 17-year-old little wendy.

me in straight hair.
look like a typical guai lui.


  1. wah, sentimental-nyer, takin a trip down memory lane...lols

  2. dear
    cynniebabez : haha.. dat's me la

    david : wAT!


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