Wednesday, July 1

Ejinq's 20th bday bash


Hey y'all...
me likes this :=]

dat's the birthday boy & wendy...
' Sheng ri kuai le'

He wore white on his BIG DAY!!!
We were celebrating at WHITE HOUSE', was he perasan or wat by wearing white? :P

erhem... sweet kan holding the love-shaped birthday cake with someone special?
eh. Don't get me wrong!
SPECIAL as in good friend?

ZOOM IN the cake..
love-shaped. NICE!

eh eh eh. why was she holding the cake together v him and den feeding him strawberry?
:=/ I'm confused...
don't care. I only know this : Mind your own business, don't be such a busybody.

My dear Stephie a.k.a manja hua hua .

A quiksilver cap which is a late birthday pressie from few of us to him, weekiat.

phewit. clik and me.
his DP and PP, I'm happy :>

This is kelvinyap.
Eevon, Heng and whoever went to Interact Bahau Camp, do you remember him?

Kacaudaun loves to stand in between.
I like ahh..

Sityee the vainpot

wallet for him...
was so happy to receive it, expected tho.

nice people above chip-in for the wallet.
jaymee, eileen contributed also..

this big bunch of people bought him a tee and nike tumbler.

it supposed to be 'ipoh gangz' pictures.
but so many intruders. xD

I shall end this post with....

a picture of EVERYONE there.
'25% of p108' attended ^^

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