Tuesday, July 7


07-07, I will never ever forget this day.
not the matter of the 4 easy-to-remember digits,
but its because a special sumone who makes this day so SPECIAL...
really. I will neva forget July 7,
it's my Darling's Birthday ! ! ! *roar*

Miss Sekabut & Miss Meow meowwwww..

a proper pic of us :)

the dim sums not the best in m'sia, but they taste superb nice all because I have you with me.

four best eva jimuis.

not forgetting,
our backbone - Imissu..
I miss you, and so do they...

my Meow meow Darling,
Happy 20th birthday.
Really sad cos I can't be with you rite now for your birthday celebration.
(I have ~kerlei's 18th and 19th in my picture lists, but not anymore for the 20th. :< )
I care for you...
Take good care of your health kay, don't always fall sick. Yea. you weaker :P
I'm worried if anything bad happens on you.
Do tell me/ring/text meee whenever you need me,
will be right here for uuuu...
I love you darling >3

signing off with love,

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