Thursday, July 9

The surprise party

'I am 20 today!'

I bet you never expect a bunch of people in ejin's house waiting FOR YOU.
Candle on egg tart - she loves egg tart!

singing the birthday song happily for YOU

Yam Seng..
not alcoholic drinks,
only soft drinks.

Then, we act like kindergarten kiddos and
played ' Music starts, start passing the cup. Music stops, you loser'
punishment for the loser - We set the rule for him/her to make the birthday gal smile.
the bday gal must be involved..

loser 1 - supposed to dance with her.
she had to be the pole.
but in the end, this pole dance tak jadi due to his inability to dance? lol

loser 2 - piggyback/ carry her like how those bridegrooms carry the brides
anyhow, carry was the decision
They took us damn long for this Show.
nonetheless, worth waiting. Indeed good show.
enough to entertain almost everyone.

last loser - Lee ming.
a kiss on her cheek will do..

Ejinq -the host.

sook yee..

steph dear..
*i like this*

us us us...
group pic.

and me,
the ugly alphabets were written by me.

gotta go.
Oug pasar malam with nana them :>
i need foodsss

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