Wednesday, August 19

Goodbye Vista, BukitJalil

Hey blog,
hey peeps,
I'm back! :D
fyi, wendy is no more staying at BJ.
I've shifted out and
currently staying at my sis's place.

(nearer to cheryl & lui :> keke)

If you have never seen my rented room in Bj,
yea. here you go...

dat's Me before working my ass to pack!
was having headache lah, cos seriously got no idea from which corner shud I start with.

all- in-one (tops, dresses, skirts, jeans macam macam pun ada)
WAIT. if u think dat's alot. hell no. it only occupies 20% space of my wardrobe.
my lappie and less one thing. which is...
Izzi broadband- my best mate to stay me connected = SOLD!
$80plus per month wei :(

and you can see this on the wall. :D

tell you wat - THIS IS the FAV CORNER of mine in d room
i simply love this corner. ahha.. i just dono why!

on the contrary - I hate this corner the most!
wei. the agglomeration of books ahhh..
I am just not the nerd. :X

and this is the place where my skincare products, 3 perfumes, accessories, nail products, masks and whatsoever have stayed for > 1yr.

can you see us on the mirror.
everytime i look at the mirror, it's just like seeing them! :)

more than 10 bags in this box.

haha.. 1 wardrode ain't enough for me kay.
eventho the bottom part has been spaced up with some clothes, STILL NOT ENOUGH larr..
(I think only cheryl can get me for this sentence)

I've been living in this room (spoilt a/cond and ceiling fan) for like 1year plus.
I have never thought I can survive without aircond, never ever.
and yea, I did survive! I actually can do it! so proud of myself!

show you wat I cn see through d windows . . .
Vista C blocks.
where I used to kap chris and syee.
aww.. I started to miss the moment I got text like:
' wendy, go to ur window now and u will see us.. Wave HI yah!'
a random text which was received more frequent during exam period.

and sometimes,
out of boredom,
I will check out the white myvi.

the greenery view which is good for my eyes.

spent more than 5/6/7 hours for packing.
totally worn-out!!!

true words to express my feelings:

1. I don't miss my room yet so far. because I just HATE to live w/o aircond!
2. I don't miss my housemates.
a. The landlady is calculative. why say so?
3bucks fine - if the toilet is not clean.
no overdue rental payment - even late 1day oso will get
No laundry too often - was told that electricity bill is jumping high. MANY MORE!!!!!!! arghhh..
b. Was being told: 'She made a complain about you'
know wad - the complaints all abt 'you forgot to switch off living room light lastnite', 'yourfrens always comeover' , so and so all those things which are so MINOR!
I got diff stories from different sources. wtf. who should I believe.
so I have decided not to believe any of 'em! Sarcastic, aren't they!
c. They are living in their own world. We seldom communicate. yea.
I think no point talking to them also, so I spent most of my time in my room if I was home!
d. Strictly no guy frens are allowed to stayover!
(I shall stop saying the -ve side, no point turning off my mood!)
3. Speaking of VISTA, what's on my mind:
a. shiennee, steph and iris (my best companion in vista, always be there for me :)))
b. swimming pool
c. playground
d. all the steps to walk to uni
e. the white-line parking spot
f. indianfoods, mamak (the food sources)
g. the lifts which at first I think they are scary, but not anymore after I get used to them.
h. the significant people- kh, fiona, ejinq, sy, chris, catherine and more la.. (those ppl I can think of rite now)

I guess THAT's ALL...
so yea,

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