Wednesday, August 19

set me free.. I'm on hols!

Right the moment after the last paper
Generally, I mean biopharmacy paper.
Jom Pyramid!!!
Wanted to watch the proposal,
but it turned out that we watched Ghost of Girlfriends past.
Half an hour late for the movie.
Still. We were able to catch up with the storyline :)
After movie,
Time to pamper the stomach :O
Thai cuisine was chosen for dinner!
hello sunmei :>
it has been so long since we last met!
so happy to see you there! :)
tomyam hot and spicy. Syok!
geez. After dinner,
best way to digest foods - WALK AROUND!
oh. who is this blonde pretty?
how about this?
~sawadika, wher u come from?~

toobad. manja stephie cant join us!
and the girl on the vry right is Catherine..:)

Off from pyramid arnd 940pm
headed to ss15
for Snowflake and Ac (supper/yamcha)

Life is happening lately!
I;m gonna make good use of every secs/mins/day ,
make it more fun and memorable
.... from now onwards!
until this day-2nd sept.
(you need not know wad day is 020909!) :X
Itellmyself:Be hardworking to update blog at least once per day!

Well,shall see den :P

Have A Nice Day^.^
lots of love,

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