Monday, August 24

The Next Day --> Thursday!
another day spent with the loved ones [ Juliana & Patricia ]

Bkteh for Breakfast @ Aman Suria.
I don't think this recommended BKT by sis's bf is nice at all.

Off to OneU for Mummy to get her perfume!

Spot sis's GLADIATOR Heels...
Cun wei.. I want ONE oso!

After dat,
off to MidValley.
Yea, we went yesterday but this day was all about pampering our face.
Facial Treatment for 3 pax!

Next on. . .
Had Subway (Ham & Cheese Parmesan Bread)...
I love subway, too bad I just cant finish FootLong on my own!

After eating SuBWAY,
Shopping job at Telawi Street,Bangsar

I sowanna get Tube sporty pants...
I prefer white color, but don't have :(

Tea time again...
of course, Trg Keropok Lekor much more nicer!!!
and I dono why,
I ordered Teh Halia..
they were like : ahhh, no iced drink? sumo HALIA huh? XD

3hours after Tea,
had this for dina..
damn this not-so-nice Squids cost 15bucks per plate.

Off from Bangsar,
go home and den out for Supper again.
dat's why Iam gaining weight! cis -.=

Gotta go now!
*wave Byeee~

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