Sunday, August 23

I'm back in this lovely town- kaytea!

I have so many things to blog yet so busy :<
ok for this post,

let's back to last Wednesday...

Mummy arrived at Lcct arnd 910am.
so the nice daughter gotta wake early and pick her up!
Lucky me to have 2 besties to accompany me... :)))

of course,
She'll never be missed out to be my best companion, Ever!
She sacrificed her beauty sleep.

we slept at 5am and woke at 7plus...
what a big sacrifice just for u-Mummy :>

and He,
so ngam no class on tht day..
Tagged along to airport.

I was the one driving from PJ --> Lcct --> Usj --> Pj

Stopped by Usj for Breakfast...

The dimsum for breakfast.

After sending them back,
Got home to have some rest while waiting for sista to come home!

Arnd 2pm,
Had lunch at kota damansara.

the super duper healthy PanMee.
Are you a health conscious person, if yes please try this out!

I baru know this dish is named - 'Suan pan zi'

This is my mummy..
Say hello :))

After Lunch,
Shopping Spree ON ON ON
Midvalley - here we come!

something happened at parking zone..
(a bastard was trying to rebut parking with us!!! cis)
den me and my sis were like giving him tht kind of look.. and HORN like nobody's business
(and in the car, We were scolding Bastard idiot, wat now!so Daring wan play v us!)
of cos we WON, He - the loser.
tell you wert, don't play play wv Girls' power!

I'm sick of walking in the shopping mall.
both of them know me vry well.
and Tea time is like a must for us!

'Delicious' is really delicious. Im loving it!
This time I order 'Smoked salmon quiche'
cost $19.80, but damn worthit.
everytime go delicious it's like a must to order the pie! :))

Mummygot her skincare products there.
and sis got few tops from Esprit/Zara
only Me got nothing! :((

I was real tired den on d way back to PJ,
I dozed off in the car.
Guess what this girl had for dinner?
wah, such an obvious hint.
U're dumb if u don't get the hint :PPP

more obvious Hint.
My favourite Korean foods for Dina la wei..
felt happy to see the table full with side dishes. :))

the hot stone rice
not my fav tho.

makan makan makan
she loves them, and so do I. :>
the Barbequed Porkribs and beef ,
damn good.
double thumbs up...
TELL YOU WERT: Wendy is really in love with korean foods,
exception for kimchiii.. lols

How about the following daysssa after wednesday?..
more posts to be up!
stay tuned. loves

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