Wednesday, September 23

Had lotsa fun wv my family :)

^^Halo everyone!^^
I'm back in kaytea.
just got home moments ago.
had yumcha session with edmund, shinhui, lui, riri, eevon, randell, chung, eevon, loon & shaunfook @ thetalkcafe.

~selamat hari raya~
how do you spend your raya holidays?
with loved ones?

yes, absolutely!
I do!
I went kl with parents & lil bro.

Arrived kl around 5plus.
Still early. Went to sis's place shower and rest.
Restaurant Tak Fok, kepong

my daddy is a crabby-lover!
dat's y we oweys got to eat CRABS!
i tell you, one week at least Twice ok!

'Har gou'

Ordered crabs, hargou, 'sharkfin soup' (tiruan) , vege, bun...
too bad. I had no appetite so I ate a little only.
I bumped into Zaihu & Bf in this restaurant. What a coincidence :)

Next on,
The Curve!
I met up with friends at starbucks for a short while,
while daddy went to watch movie, YES ALONE!
he is a movie freak wei!

His movie duration = 2hours.
To kill time,
instead of walking around the curve,(sick of the curve ler)
we went Bangsar,
just for....

guess where is this place?

nah! BR BR BR stands for Baskin Robbins
Eat for free. tuu cant you spot the couple paying at the cashier?
Waffle ice cream strawberry + banana (ops I ter-cut the pic, damn)
I prefer HD icecream tho.

I was laughing at Vincent (sis's bf)
bcos mine is waffle and his is only one scoop ice cream.
seems so pathetic!

my pweetty sista!
whole body with branded items.

The Next Day
(as usual, the last one to be awake is meeee!
everyone has to wait for this piggie princess!)

camwhore before going out!
and got no idea whyhersislovescamerasomuch!

eh no, it supposed to be LUNCH!!!

Roasted Duck
please take note : I don't like eating DUCK!

Wan eat nice and cheap yong tau foo?
go go go AMPANG.
the famous place for it.
worth traveling all the way from Pj!

we call it : Sui Gao & Fu zhok!

after eating,
Let's Go Shoppinggg..
the Chua family were all in good mood for Shopping on tht day..
shopping spree ON !

my sis asked me to pose.
Paise :X
I'm not good in posing!

this is so familiar rite.
The washroom in PAVILION!

out of boredom,
camwhore weii..

join me for pictures :D

now its her turn to POSE for my camera!

mum bought her gucci hbag
sis bought few tops
lil bro bought surf pants
I bought esprit handbag (not for me lah)
and daddy went for movie!

Caught in action
mummy sitting on daddy's lap!

Tea time, im loving it!

oh. LOOK..
Cheese cakes in cup!

We parked the car at Starhill. CHEAPER bah!!!
the sweet couple above is my dearest dad & mum :))
say hi!

becos i wanna meet up wv someone!
I fell asleep in d car bcos it took quite long to reach MV.
Raya bah, even highways oso congested!

WaiHong & I
his visa got rejected, poor case..
so he will fly few days later!
and dat's y he can meet up with me!
(eh, WH. I cropped my face 30%, cos my face damn round la..:X )
He gave me handmade 20th bday card, so sweet of him :))

Hungry hungry hungry......
LATE DINNER at ARISU, kota damansara!

Korean BBQ..
my all-times-favouraite!

This is wat i can say :SA-Tis-Fac-Tion

kimchii fried rice...
I love koirean foods but oh a big NONO to kimchii

y this pic is blur?
bcos the soup is BOILING hot nohhh!

my sis loves to order this.
Hot Stone Rice!

Steamed Egg.

I guess Andy oso started to in love with korean foods!


The next day,
had dimsum for brunch!
den off to PYRAMID!

sis insisted to go for PEDICURE + Nail arts.
me as her teman did Manicure as well.'
I chose HotChilliRed O.P.I color :))
can you see?

yes girl,wadcha looking at?

nah this. looking at her toe nails gt designed
we don't really love the service at that shop!
Won;t ever go there.!!!

The next day,
I didnt' bring out my camera...
(no photos available)
like usual,
we eat nice foods until stomach nearly burst!
wuuhhh.. fat jorr!!
Live life to the fullest,
Enjoy eating Holiao is the greatest thing ever. :D

my sleepy face :/
Bai KL,
shall see you again, soon~

I shall stop here!
wanna grab my beautysleep rite now!

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