Tuesday, September 15


I woke at 3pm.
Slept around 4am.

I received this sms from Mr.David : 'Wendy, please call Pn.Noraidah at 012-XXXXXXX , you may have to fly w/in these few days! Urgent!'
I was like : Wattt...Shocked (Face turned PALE)
I called,
and she kept persuading meto go for Option3,
' Wendy, why don't want go for option3?'
' Uk there have seen your previous semesters academic performance, they strongly recommend you to go.'
' Option 3 is still valid for you. but you hv to give us answer ASAP. Please reconsider!'

I stunned for moments. Why is my mind so easily get influenced?
I have made up my mind, no?
please don't call me again. leave me peacefully.
I afraid if you call again, this is likwly to happen: I wil change my mind.

No kidding..
I am not prepared for everything.
I don't want to be a cry baby over there.

I tell myself : 'Wat you have decided, stay firm and stick with it!'
Have I made a right decision?
time will tell....

I need supports... don't leave me alone...

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