Tuesday, October 13


Did you notice billboard like this:
'Have you flown Airasia lately?'
Is a yes for me, wat abt you? =)
we can buy foods onboard, and camwhore oso yea! XD
I am :( bcos I tot I can bump into Mr.Lau Lee How in d plane.
but who noes...
I didnt, sadly!
Proudly announce,
Mr.Fakrul Lau has graduated,again.
He's officially AirAsia crew now.
so don't be surprised to see him serving u onboard.
kick his ass if he molest you. XD
mind you, he's not a malay wei.
he's a pure chinese, my Iyen member :)
Day 1:
1. Checked in Sunway tower
2. Quick shopping
3. had Hair wash and cut @ Asaloon, pyramid
4. Attended dad's business annual dinner at sunway convention centre
Day 2:
1. woke up late. and everyone went shopping and left me in d room sleeping.
2. Had lunch at Dragon-I
3. Off to Midvalley for 2 hours shopping.
(Dad . Bro and Gf got to catch a movie there)
4. Accompanied mum to her fren's hse
We sat at the corner.
and this is taken by.......
tadaa.the photographer.

5.Headed to klang for FOODSSSSS..
Guess wat,
stomach well-pampered on tht day.
Dinner 1st round ---> BAK KUT TEH.
(camera left in d car. No photos available)

Dinner 2nd round ---> Port.Klang Seafoods.
*double thumb-ups*
will surely go there again for moreeee...
'Lala zong' is LOVE. fiona loves tis too!!! dis is for u darling!
Actually when we reached this place named 'Flower Coconut',
we still quite FULL.
and in d car, when someone suggested to go for next round,
I remembered I said : 'Wah. Dont eat ed la.. If u al go tht restaurant later, I don wan eat!!!"
yarite wendy, how cud u resist the temptation?
the smell, the look simply tempting...
hmm..Can you smell it?

It's all about FOODS.
one word - S.A.T.I.S.F.A.C.T.I.O.N

The next day,
after breakfast...
Lcct, I met you again.

heartbeats.. reaching Kt in less than 10 mins...
say Hello to my lovely hometown.
anyone wants to pay me a visit? welcome!
recently, I try to Sleep Early and Wake up early.
but I dono wads my prob.
sleep early - a tick
wakeup early -a cross
holy shit, call 911pls. I can sleep up to 10hours!HELP

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