Friday, October 16

I checked mail Today!

u noe watttt? my mailbox has 3000++ mails. and now I've cleared it to the number of 100++
I just deleted all those junk mails. yay!

someone(the name not to be revealed here-->hmph. but actually I think I dono the fella) wrote to me this, a month ago.
I find it is meaningful.

Dear Wendy,

first of all, don't be shocked. just feel like writing this to u. I'm sure you donot noe me. I'm just a random blog reader of yours! Here to share you some life issues.

By not directly facing issues that are bothering us, we are creating internal road blocks.
We cannot change what has happened, but by facing it we can more easily accept it. (true true. I like this)

All too often, we let little things upset us. This may be because of our ego or emotions.Most things in life are of little consequence when you look at the big picture.(yea wei,be positive!)

Stay focus in what best we do and improve on it then you are great.

So face your problems and keep on living life. Put your ego aside as we are all one human just making a living and wanting to live life to the best possible way.
Well, thankiu mr.unknown for sharing with me the life issues. I truly appreciate! :D

*hmph.. so do you(the one who's reading dis) have any problems, er so called road blocks and would you mind sharing with me? friends, Im all by ur side, anytime will do!
Face the issues and you will move beyond them!
All the best!

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