Monday, October 19

where'd you go? I MISS YOU SO

currently listening to :
Fort Minor -Wher'd you go.

sing sing sing...
Wher'd you go?
I miss you so,
seems like it's been FOREVER,
that you've been gone!


You, I am referring to...
Look Up!
*spot the BLUEBABYANGEL of mine?*
yes you do, unless your blind.

Nomore babyangel! OHNO!!!
FYI, it has been thrown away by the.cruel.daddy!
He claimed tht my baby is dirty and has hidden microorganisms.
Thus, it leads to the nose allergic problem!

I have not seen my baby for 3 days!(I know I wont be seeing it 4ever)
Baby, wat I can say is IMY so so much.
you just like my angel always be with me when I needed you.
but now I cant even protect you.
and I LOST EUUU!!! sob sob

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