Monday, November 9

first post in Nov

hey y'all,
I'm back!
*wave Hello*
Last thursday,
We had steamboat in huan's place.
'we' refers to wendy, ying, loon, wenyee, shinhui, eric goh, eric chan,randell and wanxin!
(for those who have missed out the steamboat :P opss blek!!! )
When the wall clock hits 12am,

LEt's see what's going on in the host's room,
Awww..didnt noe he's that romantic until tht day! keke
It's his girlfriend's 20th!!!
noe wat,
the surprise made the girl cried out loud(touched bah)
to every boyfriends out there, please learn some romantic tactics from some pro,
for the sake of winning her heart :P
the loving shot!
the love birds with the Hearty-cake!
got home before 2am tht nite!ahhh!
tht's enuf for sharing someone's romance!
back to me!
I'm still enjoying life at trg la wei...
KL, will be seeing u a week later?
I woke up quite late everyday,
(not to mention the exact time - I feel ashamed of myself)
What can I say other than feeding myself foods most of the time,
No00000! it's still foods foods and foods...
Tell you wat, you wont be starving in my hometown.
hhaha, just kidding.
I donot noe if you will starve here anot, but for me, 99.9% sure Starvation's not gonna happen!
My stomach is satisfied all times = I make more and more 'FATs' as friend

and there's one thing I must share with you:
I love going Mombai for tea!
first of all, the great companions!!!
what's up for more?
I like the environment,
the breathtaking scenery,
the beach is awesome-fawesome!
I like my hair being blown by the wind,
I love listening to the waves sounds
Damn relaxing!
and so whycares that a cup of iced milo can even cost you 6bucks,
a piece of rotitelurbawang for 6bucks!

sugardreams *.*

daily update, I can do it. Prove it den!
Yes, no prob!

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