Monday, November 9

Oh No!
I’m soooo addicted to the latest anniversary series of TVB,
Beyond the The Realm of Conscience (宮心計).
this series is sooo interesting!!!
cukup dramatic la,
the plot is fantastic wei, full of intrigues revolving around the character's attempts to get higher in the hierarchy.
The main actors and actresses involved are Kevin Cheng, Moses Chan Ho, Tavia Yeong and Charmaine Sheh!
(why lah no Kate Tsui acting in this :< )
The first epi is already the touching one,
I hold mytears when SamHo's mummy died as a result of harsh beatings! T.T
Oh gosh, I cant wait to catch up the new episode on astroondemand 2ml!
I don't watch BornRich!
It's a-must-watch!

(mylove sn, I think you shud watch this to learn basic cantonese language, orelse they will laugh at you when you say 'in front and at the back' in cantonese! )

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