Wednesday, November 25

a short update

Now I know what makes a person feel lazy to blog,
tht's when she has a stack of workload(i mean, the outdated posts).
She doesn't know which post to blog first.
The solution : Don't care! Blog about the recent!
And now I'm writing about TODAY!!! :)

I overslept today.
Then, I called cheryl to ask if she's going uni! (I got a feeling dat she's home)
See, my sense is accurate!
That lazy bum just woke up by the time I rang her.
Off to her place(wait for her to shower)
Called kerlei & cheeming as we wanna date them for BREAKFAST!!!
too bad,ming didn't pick up!
and yes of course, my darling MEOW MEOW LEI picked up and agreed to have breakfast vf us!
(I've not seen her for 12345678...months i think)

Breakfast spot : Ss15 Pork Noodles (opposite TBS)

i guess this is the same shop recommended by phoebe to cheryl :)

After that, still early woi... as cheryl hv to go off before 2pm for meeting...
I suggested tongsui!
haha.. abit too early tho for tong sui...but don't care la hee...

(ahlui zh, see we go w/o u! :P who ask u want go bk kt... )
(waihong, happy to see this pic? erhemmm :P )

omg. my face getting chubbier!
Rescue, anyone?

Fiona, you're supposed to be in this pic, be with us T.T

CS and XY came Snowflake to meet up kerlei(primary schoolmates)

After that,
Followed Cheryl's car back BJ and met up Iris them.
Iris & Chew Woon went REBORN for reflexology! So nice, I WANTTTT!!!
but I'm Broke like hell.... so No!!!
all of us(yivun,chooi chooi,wei nie, stephie, me) chilling inside the VIP room with cooling environment and Astro while watching over the 2 girls enjoying their foot massage!

And me,
before going home around 5.
I drove to Kota Damansara to check out for Reflexology!
den later on,
my sis picked me up to go for GYM!!!
yea, gym... don't get shocked la woi... :P
Fitness First @ thecurve!
not fun,
my stamina like hell weak!
I only burned 126 calories for 20mins running.
Exercise is not my thing,
but I'm fat........
cries out loud....
Burning calories is miserable, so I shall control my appetite, wendy, please eat less!

Tata >3

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