Friday, December 4


I spent RM 0.00
Had the voucher of free lunch f0r the X'mas Production held in Atrium.
Lunch - Free
On the way back home, stopped by D.U uptown and shopped a little in two boutiques. but yea, tidak berkenan any. so it saves my purse!
Dinner - Eat at home , again. Free
Supper - No yumcha.

So What About Today?
Breakfast - Grab a bread in Library cafe (2bucks)
Let's see what's for lunch?
Restaurant New Sun Ho at OUG recommended by Asoon in his foods' bloggie.
Dat's Ejinq with LOH MEE....

Stephie Dear & Me
Curry mee vs loh mee!
I love adding vinegar banyak-banyak into the bowl of Loh Mee...
Dinner - take away vege. rice only costs me 2bucks.
Supper - (I just got home after having heavy supper at Murni :P )
my sister's bf foot the bill. FOC

Stay tuned for more updates.
Have a good rest everyone!

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