Thursday, December 31

31st Dec 2009

Hey y'all!
this is the last day of year'09!
wad's ya plan tonight? =)

I'm now blogging in Cheryl's hse!
She 'forced' me to update abt yesterday! :P
(since I'm now waiting for her to go out for lunch, so yea.... )
We had supper at Rasta!
so long neva meet up v ZH & So Chu(stupid pig) le :P
Chak! chungchung also there!
He stayed over at lui's place,
they gonna stay up till 4am as their flight back kt is damn early,7am early rite!!!
How and AhHan :)
And the last pic,
mi-che-lle and me :)
(all pictures above taken by Cherylai yang suka tangkap gambar:P )

Hey LOOK!!!
can you believe tht's me in the picture?
The first ever pic with doggie!!! :P
Ceh,all pets not my fear anymore! ops kidding la wei

gotta go!!!
it's Lunch Time!!!
have a great day people!!! :D

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