Tuesday, December 29

JiaYee's 21st

Helo! I'm back!
yea, back?
I was on a vacation days ago!
Taiwan is great =)
(I'm not supposed to elaborate abt the trip here, tuu see my post title :)
Back to the topic,
this cute girl just turned 21!!!
Jiayee :)
Genyuan aka her bf is the planner of this birthday bash!
Seeeee...her F&F all in Kura Restaurant to surprise her! how sweet!
while waiting for the foods to be served,
a pic of the girls!
This evil horny girl, ChooiChooi :P
I've not seen them for a week!!!miss them so much!
Spot her pearl-like necklace?
it's from us!
We are named Sexy.Cute.Charming. yuhoo :P
And tadaa, my fav. girl! miss her heaps too! :)
Last but not least,
all of us :)

I shall end this post with...
a camwhore pic with Yivun in the washroom!

Stay tuned for the next update!
might be writing abt the trip :)

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